360 Flow

360° Flow is Anne-Marie's signature movement technique, developed to find fluidity in connection and transitional movement, and applied to dance, acrobatics, and martial arts. Available for workshops, demonstrations, and master classes worldwide.


PRINCIPLE 1: off Axis

Defy Gravity, commit, and push boundaries.  This is 360 Flow's first Principle: Off Axis. To do this, one must decide and fully commit to moving like an imaginary straight line in space.  We start to take this line to new axis points, especially those that feel "unsafe".  When moving with enough speed and momentum one will never fall, no matter what plane off space they're in.


Principle 2: Spherical

Spherical movement is stunning to watch, exhilarating to experience, and is the second Principle in 360 Flow.  Movers track each body part in motion as globular inviting completely new opportunities for full expression.  You see the abandon when globular movement is in the air and you feel the safety of body when spherical movement is understood in ground work.   


principle 3: motion

The final principle of 360 Flow is Motion.  This principle is most key.  Without motion the off axis and spherical movement would never be fully experienced.  Motion is the key to full expression of the movement.  Motion also keeps the mover constantly moving which builds faster speed, momentum, and flight when combined with all other principles of 360 Flow.